Daddy-O's Grill - sports lounge, American, restaurant, billiards, darts, patio, cocktail lounge

Daddy-O's Grill - sports lounge, American, restaurant, billiards, darts, patio, cocktail lounge

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The True Nature Of A Sport's Lounge

So, what is the definition of a sports bar? The term can be such an overused expression.

Does one just hang out a shingle, run an ad and then sit back and wait?

Of course not. We all know better than that. But then, how does it happen?

According to David Merrill, the owner of Daddy-O’s Sports Lounge and Grill, a sports bar is like a tree that grows daily into what it is becoming.

Depending upon what is being provided, instigated and created, day-in and day-out, by the owner, the staff and even the customers themselves, one day, the bar magically turns into what it was always meant to be. This is what they do at Daddy - O’s Sports Lounge and Grill; they work at it… that’s the magic.

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The take-away, when considering any restaurant or lounge, is usually the ambience. Indeed, the visual recollections and impressions (good or bad) will stay with a person for a long time, and will either bring them back or not. When thinking about Daddy-O’s Sports Lounge and Grill, the recollections would normally be of sports memorabilia, posters and photos showcased against most of the walls, of brass rails and polished wood; of glass room dividers and green leather booths, of high-backed barstools and the open and airy feeling of the place. Also, when remembering this lounge, one will generally reflect upon the fully stocked bar with liquor bottles, beer draft spouts and cocktail glasses sparkling from the track lighting overhead.

Yes, although the bar is stocked with every conceivable cocktail known to man, (sort of) along with a wide selection of beers, both foreign and domestic, draft and bottled, it will be an ambience such as this that will come to mind, and this will bring a person back time and again.

Even though their Happy Hour schedules are very enticing: Monday through Friday during the day from 6AM to 6PM and: Monday through Thursday during the evening from 11PM until close, there are other reasons to visit Daddy-O’s Sports Lounge and Grill. Indeed, not only is there a new open and airy feeling of the entire establishment there is also a game room and two large, and covered smoking and drinking patios. And, lest I forget, the beautiful and friendly wait-staff who are always serving within the auspices and attitudes of a sports related atmosphere. 

Talking with the owner David Merrill, he said “Televisions are one of the amenities a sports bar should always have. I understood that from the start. So, when I took over this business, I wanted to make sure we had a beautiful bar, a comfortable dining room, an excellent menu and enough televisions to make you dizzy.

But, I also wanted people to come here and stay a while; relax with their friends and enjoy themselves. And, although watching sports on television can be great fun, I wanted to offer my customers more than that. And so we keep a well apportioned game room that is separated from the dining room by a glass wall. The glass wall allows us to maintain the open an airy atmosphere that I think is friendly and refreshing, while at the same time maintaining a dining room experience that is not interrupted by the sounds and activities of games being played. We really do have a great game room. It includes lots as things: pool tables, dart machines, a basketball machine, a jukebox, a grab-a-toy machine, video games and more. There is also a door that leads directly from our game room onto the drinking and smoking patio.

Every Saturday night we have Karaoke; there are some good singers here. If you enjoy singing, you should come and take part. Anyway, earlier that same Saturday evening, but only once a month, we have belly dancers. Now that’s a hoot. We also sponsor a semi Pro football team. They generally come in on Saturday during the day. There is also a Roller Derby team that we sponsor called the Derby girls. They come in once a month on a  Saturday as well.

And so, I don’t know how others view a sport lounge, but this is the nature of Daddy-O’s Sports Lounge and Grill. We have music, televisions, a game room, two large smoking and drinking patios, sports teams that we sponsor who come in to mingle and have fun. We have a full bar and we’re open every day from six in the morning until two the next. We have a fully stocked bar of alcohol, beer and wine; happy fun loving waitresses and a good-natured clientele. So come by and say hello.” 

Daddy-O’s Sports Lounge and Grill, is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These are some examples of what we have to offer.

Sunrise Special:
Two eggs cooked your way, potatoes, toast, and two strips of bacon. 
Hub Cap Pancakes:
Two giant fluffy buttermilk pancakes served with butter and warm old-fashioned home-style syrup.  Choice of Bacon or Sausage
Gracie’s French Toast:
Texas toast dredged through our secret mixture and grilled to a golden brown. Served with powdered sugar, butter, and warm old-fashioned syrup.  Bacon or Sausage.
Daddy-O’s Omelet:
Three farm fresh eggs. We won’t waste your time!!
You know what you want in it. Just ask!! Served with our house-made potatoes and two crispy strips of bacon
Breakfast Burrito:
Jumbo tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, potatoes, ham, bacon, cheese and Pico de gallo. Try it Daddy-O’s style, smothered in our thick homemade sausage gravy.
Chicken Fried Steak / Chicken Fried Chicken:
We start with choice Angus beef, hand pounded, breaded and deep-fried to golden perfection. Served with 2 eggs, house-made potatoes and topped with our thick homemade sausage gravy.

A six-ounce sizzling sirloin and two any-style eggs. Our house-made potatoes finish off this mammoth breakfast.

Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken:
Our famous Angus beef or chicken pounded and hand seasoned and breaded, then fried to perfection and covered in our country gravy. Includes vegetable of the day, hot dinner roll and your choice of rice pilaf, mashed or baked potatoes.
Mac & Cheese:
A creamy four cheese sauce tossed with shells.
Fish Fry Dinner:
Fish filets dipped in our secret beer batter and fried until golden brown, served with coleslaw and straight cut fries.
All You Can Eat Friday Fish Fry:
Our delicious light and crunchy fish filets. (ONLY ON FRIDAYS starting at 5PM. You finish your plate, and we’ll bring you more!! (Coleslaw and straight cut fries served on your first order only.)

But we also offer entrées that complement a cocktail lounge as well; items such as our very popular ‘Hamburgers’ with all the trimmings and ‘Wings’ with all the spices.

We also have what we call our, “All Day Long Specials”.
Monday, Five dollar Burger with all the fixins; Tuesday, Fish Tacos; Wednesday, Wings; Thursday, Halfprice on Selected Appetizers; Friday, All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry; Saturday, Prime Rib.

Continuing, David says, “Indeed, in the end this is a family-style sports lounge and grill. All along, my plans were to make this more than just a lounge. From the very beginning, I wanted a well-respected “casual dining” restaurant. Consequently, I have ensured that we have real high-end chefs in our kitchen. Although our menu reflects casual dining at Daddy-O’s everything is made from scratch daily. If my chef needs mayonnaise, or mustard, he makes it from scratch. We also make our own sauces. Let’s face it, I have been blessed, this was not intended to be just a restaurant hiding in a sports grill, it was to be a good restaurant, serving good food to a deserving community and I believe we have achieved that.”

People can book them for private meetings or parties, wedding receptions and so forth. In such cases, Daddy-O’s would offer them buffet style catering. They normally do this for parties of 30 or more. Daddy-O’s Sports Lounge and Grill has been at this location for two years now. They do parties, they sponsor people, teams, and events and they’re always looking to sponsor something new. There are car shows out front occasionally and because of their location is in this handsome shopping center, (Dear Valley Shopping Center) they have found their clientele can be a very diverse and interesting community of people. In the end, I would have to say, he gave the definition of what a sports bar is… quite nicely.

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4163 W. Thunderbird Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85053
United States

Phone: 602-298-9953

Sunday 6:00 am - 2:00 am
Monday 6:00 am - 2:00 am
Tuesday 6:00 am - 2:00 am
Wednesday 6:00 am - 2:00 am
Thursday 6:00 am - 2:00 am
Friday 6:00 am - 2:00 am
Saturday 6:00 am - 2:00 am

Daddy-O's Grill - sports lounge, American, restaurant, billiards, darts, patio, cocktail lounge


A popular destination for food, drink and sports atmosphere

A beautiful and  fully stocked Bar

Sometimes a relaxing atmosphere

Sometimes happy hours, parties, holidays and events can be energetic

A view from the dinning room into the game room

The game room includes pool tables

2 spacious patios to choose from

One of the 2 patios

Breakfast is served daily from 7AM

A wide selection of breakfasts to choose from

A unique Eggs Benedict, a special morning treat

Spicy chicken wings is a lunch and happy-hour favorite

Fish Taco Tuesday a "must have"

Cobb salad

Grilled salmon

A taste above the usual

Fun lunch and dinner specials

Friday's fish-fry is a very popular weekly event

Dinner is served! A Char-broiled T-bone steak with all the trimmings

Sonoran crusted chicken breast with pico de gallo and pepper jack cheese

Roasted half chicken with spicy orange glaze

KC strip steak with chef's special sauce

Old fashioned meat loaf with sauted mushroom gravy

For our spaghetti lovers

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